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Concern for historic preservation in an historic mill village out in Newton county lured me into real estate in 2015, placing me in some extra-unique buying and selling situations with clients. Soon after making the plunge into this new career ( I was a recovering filmmaker in service-industry management ), I came to love every aspect of the business and knew I had found my niche. Everyone likes to feel needed, and everyone needs purpose, and I found that nothing fulfills me more than helping a client through a tremendously significant life decision such as buying or selling a home. Selling and moving can be right up there with other major stressors such as death and divorce, so I’m here to provide clients with fact and experience-based personal consultation per the Golden Rule to smooth out the process. I stay on top of current market conditions through active engagement and continuing education so I know how to best advise you during the negotiation/offer process. I don’t delegate my responsibilities to an assistant or “team” member as I believe these trappings often lead to miscommunication, rather I’m fully accountable, accessible, and in constant contact with my clients and the agent on the other side of the transaction. And rest assured, as a resident of metro Atlanta since the early 1990s, I know my territory. I’m a homeowner near Grant Park, have facilitated transactions as far north as Gainesville /Alpharetta, and have many ties and clients out East in Newton county. I’ll be glad to share contact info for past clients that can attest to my acumen, communication, and attention to detail - traits that over the years have earned me the moniker “The Bear That Cares.” 🙂


Client Reviews

"Milt was very knowledgeable about the market and the best way in which to sell my property. The property description and pictures for my property were outstanding as well. I actually requested copies of the photos from the listing as I couldn't believe how nice Milt made my house look. During the closing process, Milt was very responsive to any questions, calls, texts, and emails. I would definitely use Milt again, and I've already passed his name along to a couple of other future buyers/sellers."

Michael D.

"Milt Thomas is an amazing realtor and kind, caring human. Thanks to his expertise, guidance, and warm personality, our home sold in one weekend. Milt is very easy to talk to, was always responsive to our calls, texts, and emails, and truly made the experience as smooth as it could be. He truly is: The Bear That Cares! Thank you Milt!"

Lauren F.

"Milt Thomas was amazing! My husband and I were first time homebuyers, looking for a home in a highly competitive market. We were fully prepared to suffer quite a few disappointments from not getting offers accepted on homes we wanted. Instead, our offer won on the very first house we wanted, even though there were twenty two other offers on the table only two days after the home was listed. We got the house, and it was entirely due to Milt’s guidance. He made sure we understood exactly what to do in this market to get the house, ranging from broad advice down to the small details that gave us a competitive edge. Now I can’t even think of Milt without smiling. He’s the best!"

Jessica L.

"Milt was fantastic! He went above and beyond. I couldn’t have had a better experience."

Cara P.

"Buying a home is an emotional experience, not just a business transaction. Milt Thomas guided us through all the ups and downs and plot twists. And now that the ”finding a new place” saga is done, we are ready to create our own happy stories, in a house that we love."

Jason E.

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